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June 2015 Newsletter
[6/4/2015] - Click on the headline to download the June 2015 Newsletter link

2015 Apprenticeship Recruitment - July 7, 2015
[6/1/2015] - Applications will NOT be accepted again in 2015.  Click on the headline to learn more about how you can apply to join Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 5. link

Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 5 Training Center has a New Home!
[6/1/2015] - Washington DC Plumbers & Gasfitters JATC, 5000 Forbes Boulevard, Lanham, MD 20706 Phone:  (301) 552-3505 Fax:  (301) 552-2805.  Please note that the upcoming Officer Elections and all future union meetings will be held at this location.  The next meeting is June 10, 2015. more

May 2015 Newsletter
[5/31/2015] - Click on the headline to view our May 2015 newsletter. link

Be on the lookout
[5/14/2015] - for account information from John Hancock Retirement Plan Services. John Hancock will be the new administrators for our Retirement Savings Plan.  By now you should have received the mailing which includes information on how to set up a user ID and password.  If you did not receive it, go to mylife.jhrps.com and follow the instructions for registration or click the link to go directly there. link

U.A. Scholarship Application
[4/10/2015] - The deadline for submission of the UA Scholarship Application is June 15, 2015.  We would sure like to see a Local 5 family benefit from this scholarship! link

April 2015 Newsletter
[4/1/2015] - Click here to view our April 2015 newsletter. link

Current Assessments
[2/10/2015] - Michael A. Collins 2015 and Burial Fund Assessment D1195. more

Check out our new photo gallery!
[1/28/2015] - We have a new photo gallery and have just uploaded hundreds of pictures of the new Training Facility. link

Local 5 Launches Facebook Page
[12/14/2014] - Click here for the link. link

DC License Waiver Class
[11/3/2014] - Classes to assist with filling out Waiver Application: May 13, 2015 4 p.m. in "A" Building at the UA Mechanical Trades School and on and July 8, 2015 at the Local 5 Training Facility at 5000 Forbes Boulevard, Lanham, MD, 20706.  The class is free, but DC does charge $175 for the waiver. Call Jack Taylor at (301) 899-7861, ext. 1015 to register so that we can have hours and certificates prepared in advance. link

The UAW's 2015 Vehicles Guide
[10/29/2014] - Not all vehicles made in the United States or Canada are built by union-represented workers. Vehicles not listed here, even if produced in the United States or Canada, are not union made. link

Virginia Continuing Education Course Offered
[10/22/2014] - There will be a Virginia Continuing Education Class at the School on: November 7, 2014; February 20, 2015; May 1, 2015; and August 21, 2015, 4:45 PM, "A" Building.  Call Joe Short if interested, (301) 899-7861, ext. 1011. more

Upcoming Training Classes
[9/24/2014] - Click here for a schedule of upcoming training classes. more

Congratulations, Graduates!!!!
[6/6/2014] - We send our congratulations to our 2014 Graduates!  more

[4/4/2014] - Red Wing Boots, which we know many of our members wear, has issued a safety recall on 45 styles of Red Wing men's boots due to a defect in the steel toe cap, which could fail to protect the individual's foot in the event of an impact.  Please click to see the link to identify the style numbers included in the recall. It has been suggested that consumers stop wearing the recalled boots immediately, and return them to a Red Wing store/distributor or contact Red Wing Shoes for a free replacement pair of boots.  Click for more information. link

Work Boots Worn Out?
[2/14/2014] - Click to link to The Union Boot Pro - Nothing But American Made, Union Made Work Boots.  Sign up on website for lifetime 27% discount. link

How To Buy Union Made Tires
[11/12/2013] - Click for a link of how to by union made tires. link

Shop "Made in the U.S.A." Online!!
[4/24/2013] - Excerpted for the website of Roger Simmermaker - Thank you Mr. Simmermaker! Click for the links. more

Welcome to Washington DC Plumbers Local 5

The Plumbers & Gasfitters of Local 5 Washington D.C. welcomes you to our site. The skilled members of Local 5 have been installing, maintaining and servicing the waste, water & gas systems in the Washington D.C. area since 1890.
If you are interested in using one of our Affiliated Contractors; becoming a journeyman or an apprentice member please Contact Us.

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